My name is Susan and I started Cherished Pets in 2009 because I love animals and I believe that people and their pets are always happier and more content when they are in their own home.

My first dog was a chocolate lab named Kelsey.  She was the greatest dog ever!  We went everywhere together.   She is the reason I became interested in animal care.   I had pets as a child, but Kelsey helped me understand unconditional love.  Kelsey had a litter of puppies of which I had to keep one!  Her name was Lucky.   My husband brought a kitty to the marriage and then the children brought home geckos and fish and hamsters!   All our animals, reptiles, and fish have been members of our family…not just pets.

Each year we would take a vacation.   Each year we would scramble to hire a friend or family member or co-worker to stay in our home with our pets.  We wanted our pets in their home and not in a kennel!   No matter how nice the facility and how nice the people are at a kennel, we want our cherished pets to be in the comfort of their own home when we are away.

This is what we do.  We cherish your pet as much as you love them!   We give them care, comfort, and love in the familiar surroundings of their home.

These are a few pictures of our family.   Although Kelsey and Lucky, mom and daughter chocolate labs, and Sidney the kitty are no longer with us…their memories live on and they will always be a part of shaping our lives.   Just as Sunny & Riley, our yellow labs do today.

We look forward to bringing your family into our lives and being able to cherish and treat your pets as you would.

Here is our 25-point “Peace-of-Mind” Checklist!