How do you list out a set of prices for the love and care of your cherished companion?

You are a unique person with unique wants and needs… by the same comparison, your pet is unique and requires unique care and attention.  This is why we find it hard to list a “menu” of prices.   We will come to your home, free of charge, meet and visit with your pet and you to determine what it is that you desire in the pet sitting experience.   We will then craft a unique valuation of your pet’s needs, your needs and wants, and your specific situation.

For those of you who click on a link for pricing and expect pricing… we understand that.

Here are some ranges:

  • Standard visit charge – $25-50*.  Includes:
    • Up to 4 visits per day
    • Playtime and lovin’ at all visits
    • Feeding on your schedule
    • Walks up to 30 minutes
    • Doo-Doo duty
    • Clean up of your pet prior to your return
    • Pick up mail/newspaper
    • Alternate overnight lighting
    • Garbage out for pick up
  • Miscellaneous (valuated per event)
    • Errands (distance, frequency, etc)
    • Water plants (number, frequency)
    • Pet Taxi (Vet, home, daycare)

* Additional pets may incur an additional charge

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